ムーンアイズ エリア1
-Mazooma!! Rat Mobile 2002 Toyota Hi-Lux-
This is the infamous '02 Hi-Lux "Rat Mobile." The coloring, airbrush, lettering, and pinstriping was done by Hiro "Wildman" Ishii in tribute of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. The side and tailgate has Ratfink painted, and on the hood, a motif of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Bodywise, the rear uses a Toyota Tacoma Stepbumper, the front with a Speed Grille, side mirrors with turn signals embedded into them, and a Gayload hard tonneau cover to top it off. Airbags on all limbs, LS HOOP Wheels F:17x7J/215-40-17 & R:18x8/225-40-18. It's on display at Area 1 as we speak. There are quite a few cars on display other than the Hilux all the time, and all these parts used on the cars are available at Area 1. If we can't find the parts in Japan, heck! We will get them from the states for you. Do you want to make a unique car? We will all be glad to help you out at Area 1. That's why we're here!