ムーンアイズ エリア1
Welcome to the Area 1
Wheel and dash mat has moved to 1st floor by Garage. Fitting to your car became much easier, with more parts at 1st floor.
And, MOON Equipped Items, Rat Fink Goods and West Coast Choppers Goods are up at 2nd floor with more space.

What is Area 1
Yokohama, Honmoku, these words seem to ring a bell in many. The ocean, port, Yamashita park, Foreign Cemetary, China Town, we all have our images of Yokohama. A few handful years back, Honmoku was an U.S. Military camp called Area 1, and thats how we got our name Area 1. Our shop is made for rodders that just can't get enough out of the Southern Californian atmosphere, and for people who just love the whole "American" feel to things. When people come to our shop, they say "I don't think we're in Yokohama anymore!"
Bimonthly, a Junk Fair is held on the porch of Area 1, where you can get the wheels you wanted, and the clothes she wanted for amazing prices!

MOON Equipped Shop is open for business at MOONEYES AREA-1. You will find a glass door with the MOON Equipped logo, painted by the "WILDMAN", on the parking side of AREA-1. Beware, Rat Fink is Standing by the door with a big "Welcome" smile.

In the shop, there are lots of sweet items for HOT RODDERS and Kustom Freaks and tastefully, decorated with vintage wheel caps and so. Expect to see many Rat Fink goods there.

Aswell and don't forget the new garage behind the shop. You can ask AREA-1 shop staff to install any parts you buy. If you think the "MOON Equipped Shop" in Tokyo, Ebisu is far away from home. And looking for parking is a pain in the butt. Then come to MOON Equipped at Honmoku and enjoy the HOT ROD lifestyle in Yokohama.

"I want a faster car,""I want to stand out in the crowd!" If you fit one or both of these, we are here to support all of your hotrodding needs. We will make your favorite car, a better one. K-Car, 1Box, Sedan, Japanese Old Car, Mini Truck, VW, American V8, etc. We don't care if your car is old or new. Come on down and see for yourself. If you ever feel like doing something to your rod, get out of your house, and come to MOONEYES Area 1 in Honmoku, Yokohama. While you're at it, have some beer, fountain, with the world's most famous 100% pure ground beef burgers at the MOON Cafe next to Area 1.
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